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DEEP FREEZE. Near-zero temperatures greeted faculty and students—among them sophomore dance major Shirlee Simon—as they arrived Tuesday for the start of "spring" classes. (Photo: Sue Wuetcher)

UB completes first phase of plan

The university has completed the first phase of its UB 2020 institutional planning effort, identifying potential areas, or "strategic strengths," in which UB has the opportunity to build a foundation for academic excellence and to gain an assessment of the current academic support infrastructure. » Full Story

Research assists in disaster responses

Improving how decision makers respond shortly after first reports of a natural disaster like the recent tsunami or a manmade incident, such as a chemical accident or a terrorist attack, is the focus of a research project at UB's Center for Multisource Information Fusion. » Full Story

Feminist films. UB's Gender Institute will present its ninth annual International Women's Film Festival Jan. 27-March 3.

Slips mark language development. UB linguist Jeri Jaeger says kids' slips of the tongue reveal much more about what they know about the structure of language than they do about repressed thoughts.

Celebrating Einstein’s miraculous year. The Arts and Sciences Libraries have constructed an online exhibit recognizing Albert Einstein's life and achievements.

Digital tools for Arabic. Computer scientists at UB's Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors (CUBS) are developing an optical character-recognition software for handwritten and machine-printed Arabic documents.

CUBS focus is biometrics. The UB Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors is taking a unique approach to developing technologies in biometrics, combining and tuning different biometrics to fit specific applications.

"Green" design guidelines. UB has published "green," or environmentally sustainable, design guidelines that are expected to influence UB construction projects, as well as others in New York State.