This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.

ALFIERO ATRIUM. The three-story atrium and skylight are focal points of the Alfiero Center, the nearly completed addition to Jacobs Management Center. The addition will serve as a student center and house academic and career-development offices for the School of Management. The Alfiero Center is named in honor of Sal H. Alfiero and his wife, Jeanne, who made a $2 million gift to the school. The center is expected to open this spring. (Photo: Sue Wuetcher)

UB efforts target disaster relief

Members of the UB community are collecting donations to help survivors of the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunamis. » Full Story

Study reports sexual assault rates

A UB study looking at the prevalence of sexual assault among 1,014 young women found that 38 percent had experienced sexual victimization and nearly half of that group had been raped. » Full Story

Pesticide studies flawed. An analysis by UB neurologist Alan Lockwood maintains that studies using human subjects to determine a "no observable effect level" of pesticides are flawed and could result in higher allowable exposures for both children and adults.

Buffalo Film Seminars sets schedule. The 10th edition of the popular film series presented by UB and the Market Arcade Film and Arts Center will open in Jan. 18.

Nonviral gene delivery developed. A gene-therapy method that doesn't rely on potentially toxic viruses as vectors may be growing closer as the result of in vitro research by UB scientists.

More than a set of teeth. The CARES program in the School of Dental Medicine partners with UB social workers to break down the barriers that prevent clients from obtaining dental care.

Alzheimer’s "middleman" found. A potential new neuronal pathway involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease that may be a promising target for new treatments for the disease has been identified by UB scientists.

American Studies stages comeback. Known for several years as the Center for the Americas, American Studies this fall regained its departmental status, hired a new chair and faculty members, and changed the focus of the curriculum.

Reducing radiation burns. UB researchers, working with an Amherst company, have developed a unique patient dose-tracking system that lets physicians know when the accumulated radiation dose is approaching a dangerous threshold.

Technology Entrepreneurship Program. The School of Management has launched a new Technology Entrepreneurship Program designed to facilitate understanding of the important business aspects in the commercialization of technology.

Testosterone low in diabetic men. Low testosterone production appears to be a common complication of type 2 diabetes in men, affecting one out of three diabetic patients, a new study has shown.

Analyzing airline subsidies. A UB expert on the commercial aircraft industry will speak next week at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, where he will present research analyzing subsidy claims at the heart of World Trade Organization complaints made by rival U.S. and European aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Internet threat to libraries studied. A study by UB researchers will revisit the question of whether Internet use reduces public use of libraries.