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DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. Corinne Blum, a sophomore Spanish/international business major, votes for the first time on Tuesday in the Student Union. Looking on is Don Davis of the Erie County Board of Elections. The turnout of student voters was the highest in recent memory, election workers said. (Photo: Sue Wuetcher)

Panel focuses on academic support

As part of the "UB 2020" planning effort, a major initiative is underway to identify, quantify and develop a baseline understanding of the academic support services, campus policies, business processes and other support systems provided across the university in support of the academic enterprise. » Full Story

Greiner address waterfront issue

Former UB President William R. Greiner offered insights into the issue that won't die—UB's expansion to Amherst, rather than the Buffalo waterfront—during a lecture last week. » Full Story

Academic planning update. The Faculty Senate on Tuesday received an update on the "UB 2020" academic planning process.

Drug advisory. UB researchers have found that the widely used herbal supplement St. John's Wort reduces the effectiveness of a new anticancer medication.

International Education Week. UB will celebrate International Education Week Nov. 15-19 with a variety of lectures, films, food and cultural performances.

Dig less, learn more. UB geologist Gregory Baker is helping archaeologists use geophysics and GPS in the excavation of an ancient Roman fort in the Jordanian desert.

Cognitive categories. New research by a UB psychologist shows that monkeys and humans form cognitive categories in strikingly different ways.

Turn it off. UB has launched the "You Have the Power" energy-conservation campaign.

Seeking answers to cardiac condition. A $3.56 million federal grant will fund UB research into sudden cardiac death, a perplexing condition that claims the lives of more than 350,000 seemingly healthy people each year.

Barely living on minimum wage. Author Barbara Ehrenreich talked about her experiences trying to get by working minimum-wage jobs during a Distinguished Speakers Series lecture last week.