VOLUME 30, NUMBER 33 THURSDAY, May 20, 1999

Silver pledges $1 million for CAT

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Wade Sigurdson (background) director of the Confocal Microscopy and 3-D Imaging Lab in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, explains the functioning of equipment in the facility to state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver during a tour May 13 of the Biomedical Research Building on the South Campus. While at UB, Silver pledged to work to include $1 million in the state budget to establish a Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) at UB. The CAT would advance biotechnology and biomedical engineering research under way at UB and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and would be linked to the $5 million proposed by Gov. Pataki to create a cooperative research institute at UB and Roswell. The CAT program was established by the Legislature in 1982 to encourage university researchers to work more closely with businesses to develop new technologies.

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