Are you ready for the Holiday Recipe Contest?

Family and friends always ask for the recipe...so why not share it with friends and colleagues at UB-and win a prize, too? It's time to reveal your favorite holiday recipe, the one that's sooo good. It can bring you fame and fortune-you could have it published in the Reporter and win a handsome coffee-table cookbook!

Our annual recipe contest is under way. The rules are simple:

It's open to faculty, staff and students. (Contest winners of the past five years are not eligible.) The recipe (one to a contestant) should be typed in cookbook style with ingredients first, directions following.

Put your name, address, department, your UB title and phone number at the top of the page. We'll judge your recipe for taste appeal, ease of preparation and originality.

If there's a brief "story" about the recipe-how you created it, what kind of traditions it represents, how many years you've served it to rave reviews, etc., include that, too.

mail to:

Reporter Recipe Contest
136 Crofts
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260
fax to: 645-3765
or e-mail to: reporter@ubnews.buffalo.edu
Deadline for receipt of entries is Nov. 26.

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