Greiner accents new technology, marketing efforts in talk to PSS


News Services Editorial Assistant

President William R. Greiner stressed the importance of incorporating new technology and strong marketing efforts into planning for the future of the university at the Nov. 6 Professional Staff Senate meeting.

"We must embrace and use effectively new technology, both as a teaching tool and with the faculty and staff," he said. Technology, he added, "will be integrated into planning efforts over and over again."

Asked whether UB will be a leader or follower in terms of information technology, Greiner said it would make more sense financially to establish UB as an "early follower" that also discovers new and creative ways to enhance education using information technology.

"My sense is that early-follower strategy works really well," said Greiner. "When you try to be in the leader stage, you end up investing to train...instead, we will be leaders in taking the new technology and using it creatively."

Greiner reported that a huge demand exists within the university for information-technology staff, which will create an opportunity for current staff members to train for these positions. He emphasized that the new positions will be appropriately reassigned internally, rather than initiating external recruiting efforts for new staff.

With regard to improving marketing efforts, Greiner stressed that a university the size of UB must have a clear institutional identity.

The university's new interlocking UB logo, he added, is a "distinctive, easy-to-recognize and a clear identifier" that will help to convey this identity. "As time passes, everyone in the country will recognize UB," he added.

Greiner said that the signs located at campus entrances will be changed to blue and white and will include the new logo.

He noted that as part of its enrollment management efforts, the university currently is involved in "heavy marketing" to prospective undergraduate students.

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