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Campus Living upholsterer Maureen Matesic adds a special touch to furniture she crafts for UB's residence halls.


Stephanie Phillips, a faculty member in the new Department of Engineering Education, finds similarities between technical writing and writing for comics.


Biochemistry professor Murray Ettinger retires after 48 years at UB, but his lore lives on.


Jacobs School associate dean Lisa Jane Jacobsen leads a fitness class to help medical students stay active.

The View

Faculty experts weigh in on trending topics. Their views and opinions are based on their expertise and research, and do not represent the official positions of UB.


UB geographer Chris Renschler says rains could bring flash floods and landslides, and cause ash and toxins from household products to flow into local waters.


UB's senior associate dean for health policy says it's in the states’ interests to expand the health insurance program.


Diversity claims victory in the midterm elections, but bipartisanship is unlikely on major issues, three UB faculty members say.


UB pediatrician Mark Hicar offers tips for helping to prevent the viruses associated with the so-called mystery paralysis in children.

Question & Answers


As part of a series of interviews with UB’s deans, pharmacy Dean James O’Donnell talked with UBNow about the school’s strategic priorities.


As part of a new series of interviews with UB’s deans, UBNow sat down with GSE Dean Suzanne Rosenblith to learn more about the school’s strategic priorities.


PhD student Jennifer Martin, recipient of an NIH diversity in neuroscience award, talks about how she became a scientist and why she studies drug addiction.


UB’s new AD is bullish on UB Athletics’ future.

Awards & Recognition


Christopher Romano’s design for “Light/Station,” a new facility for Buffalo’s Torn Space Theater, was recognized by the local chapter of AIA.


Michel Bruneau and Errol Meidinger have been appointed to SUNY's highest faculty rank in honor of their international prominence within their fields.


The UB geriatric medicine specialist was recognized for outstanding leadership by the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation.


Law professor Rebecca Redwood French was invited to speak at a conference at Bhutan’s first law school, established just last year.