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Episode 3: Metalloproteins with Edward Snell

A Cricket glove and a Baseball glove.

Professor Edward Snell describes how sports equipment may help explain a breakthrough in bioimaging.

Many of the proteins in our bodies contain metals that serve as drug targets, but successful treatment depends on establishing a lock-and-key relationship between the metal and the pharmaceutical.

Edward Snell, president and CEO of Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute and a professor in the UB Department of Materials Design and Innovation, explains how his research team has discovered how to efficiently and accurately identify the molecules central to our understanding of biological processes and treating diseases.

Music by; “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” lyrics by Jack Norworth, composer Albert Von Tilzer, sung by Edward Meeker, published by Edison’s National Phonograph Company

Edward Snell, PhD

Edward Snell.
Two images of protein structures.

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