UB Teaching Technology

Explore and identify technologies and resources that will help you structure and reach your course building and facilitating objectives.

UB Zoom.

Zoom is an easy-to-use video communication platform that includes video conferencing, recording, phone, chat and screen sharing. Zoom is available to all UB students, faculty and staff.

Cisco Webex logo.

Cisco Webex is a Web conferencing tool available to UB faculty, staff and students that enables fully interactive video and audio connections with people locally and around the world.


Panopto logo.

Record, edit and publish academic video and audio content from your computer or mobile device.

UB Learns logo.

UB Learns provides faculty with an online environment to create, deliver and manage their course content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners.

Finding and Using Classroom Technology

Explore what UB technology classrooms have to offer (including hardware and seating capacity), and find instructions for using the teaching stations and other classroom technology.

Teaching Services for Faculty

Technology enhances instruction by empowering faculty with tools to engage learners and by bringing efficiency to routine teaching tasks.

Faculty Technology Guide

Take a guided step back and view UB supported technology that is intended to assist faculty on a broader spectrum. 

Visit the Faculty Technology Guide

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