Guide Me

This page is intended to guide faculty through the process of finding the best technologies and teaching practices for your courses. It will be most helpful for faculty who know where they want to start but need some direction on choosing the right tools or how to effectively teach with those tools. 

As you make decisions and work your way through the site, you will be directed to other University resources that will help you with the needs you identify. We want to emphasize that effective remote teaching requires not only a sound knowledge of the technology being used, but also the integration of best pedagogical practices, so this tool provides links to both types of resources.

This guiding matrix is meant as a starting point for how to teach effectively in multiple modalities. We also recommend you reach out to the Center for Educational Innovation or your departmental Instructional Support staff for specific guidance on how to implement best practices into your teaching.

Available guides by topic:




Assessment delivery

Authentic assessment considerations

Accessibility & inclusivity considerations

Provide clear instructions, consistent course design and announcements.

Office hours

Face to Face Office Hours: Considerations
  • Will students show up?
  • How many students?
  • Does your attendance policy factor in social distancing limitations?

Readings & textbooks

Publisher Resources

Many publishers offer additional content beyond the textbook (e.g. Pearson). Many of these resources require an additional cost from students.

Group activities