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Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Account and login

What do I use to log in?

Always choose Sign in with SSO and then enter your UBITName and password.

I'm being asked to "activate" my account. Should I?

Yes. If you chose a login method other than SSO, follow the steps to Switch your old Zoom account.

I am trying to log into Zoom through UB Learns but am receiving an error.

If you had a Zoom account prior to March 18, 2020 and used your UBITName to login, follow the steps to Switch your old Zoom account.

It kicks me out when I check “keep me logged in.”

Make sure you are visiting, and click Sign in

I receive warnings to "upgrade my license" and that I have a "40 minute limit." How can I fix this?

  1. If you have a volunteer appointment (not faculty/student/staff) - ask your departmental IT group to get added to exception group
  2. Ensure you are logging into Zoom with your UBIT credentials, not Google. Be sure to choose “Login with SSO” when prompted, and enter “buffalo” for the company domain. See complete instructions for correctly signing in.
  3. Ensure Duo two-step verification is working. If you have any problems with Duo, call 716-645-3542 and select the option at the menu that mentions Duo, accounts, or passwords.
  4. If you had a free Zoom account with “” account (ie you have a 40 minute limit on your meetings), switch your account.
  5. Look in your email spam folder for email invite from UB Zoom Admin to activate your account. This is not spam. Follow the instructions.

Using Zoom

How do I change settings on my profile and for meetings?

When should I use my Personal Meeting Room versus scheduling a meeting?

Personal Meeting Rooms are great for small informal meetings with staff and colleagues at UB.  They are not good for larger more formal meetings, online class sessions or anytime you are meeting with someone outside the UB community. You should always schedule a meeting when the meeting is for a course, is a formal department meeting or if your meeting includes anyone from outside of UB.

How do I join a meeting?

How do I exit full screen mode?

Press the Esc key

Can I turn off chat?

Yes. For turning off chats and more, see Controlling and Disabling In-Meeting Chat

How do I save my chat?

  1. During the meeting, click the three-dot menu on the bottom-right of the chat window
  2. Click Save Chat

Where are the host controls?

How do I conduct a vote?

How did use the thumbs-up and raised hands features?

How do you use breakout rooms?

How do you pre-assign participants to breakout rooms?

Is there a way for a participant to share screen with the host but not the participants? For example, in a lab if a student has a question, can I see their screen without the class seeing their work?

Assign each student with a breakout room. See Getting Started with Breakout Rooms

Can the person who is sharing their PowerPoint or Keynote presentation allow others to control the slide advancement?

Yes! Use either of these guides to learn how to grant control, and how to control the slides:

How do I arrange the windows during a recording?

It's best to have the windows open on your desktop that will be shared during your meeting.  Collapse or minimize any other windows to make it easy to select different screens to share. This will make locating your screens easier when you select Screen Share.

What are best practices for conducting office hours?

What are the differences between the desktop and mobile app?

Teaching with Zoom

How do I invite my class?

Schedule the meeting as you normally would. Then, copy the invite information that is automatically generated. You can use class lists in HUB or UB Learns to email the invitation info.

How do I know who actually attended my class?

In real-time you can open the participants panel and scroll through all the participants currently in attendance. After the meeting, go to your profile and click on Reports.

How do I know if someone has sent a chat while I’m teaching? Is there a sound notification?

By default, Chat or (if you are screen sharing) More will flash, and a sound notification will play. If you don't hear the sound, in your Zoom window (before a meeting) go to Gear Icon (Settings) > Chat > Play sound when I receive a new message

How should I schedule a daily session for a class with a different host each day?

If all the hosts would be joining that meeting every time it's scheduled, make them alternate hosts. If they are attending different meetings at the time of the class, they will need to schedule each meeting individually with the right host. Delegating scheduling could work depending on the context; that's the scenario where you let someone schedule a meeting for you, and then you host it.  

Calendar integration

How can I use Zoom with Outlook?

This requires an additional program to be installed on your device.

  • If you are using a UB-owned or managed computer, contact your departmental IT support to install the plugin
  • For personally owned faculty or staff machines, visit and click *BELOW* the blue button, on "Download Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook":
Outlook Add-in.

See Zoom for Outlook Add-in for use instructions.

How can I use Zoom with Google Calendar?

See Google Calendar add-on for a complete guide.


Where are recordings stored?

Recordings are stored in both the Zoom cloud and Panopto in the personal folder of the host.

Can you record a session without any participants? For example, a tutoring session that can be uploaded to UB Learns?

Yes you can record without any participants. You will be emailed a link to your recording which you can then download and save to any location.

How do I move or copy my recording to the cloud storage of my choice?

You will be emailed a link to your recording which you can then download and save to any location.

Live transcription

Can you have live transcription start automatically when your meeting starts?

No, the host has to start live transcription for each meeting.

Who can save live transcripts?

Live transcripts can be saved by anyone in the meeting. There is no way to turn this feature off.

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Need help? Contact the UBIT Help Center or your departmental IT support.