Service Level Statement:

Instructional Video Capture

Specific locations are provided with video and audio capture and support for lectures, visiting lecturers and seminars.

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Video Capture
Video recording activities where staff actively manage the video recording(e.g. track subjects, change camera feeds, etc).
Audio/Video Post-Production Editing, formatting, skinning, transcoding or otherwise processing audio/video content into a finished product ready for publication.
Video Capture Incident A defect in the captured content related to the capture process.
Video Capture Request Scheduling Video Capture or Audio/Video Post-Production as a one time or recurring event.
Video Capture Capability A technology feature of a classroom or other facility that allows video and audio data to be recorded.

Additional definitions are available in the Service Level Statement - Glossary.

Scope of Services

CIT provides Instructional Video Capture and limited Audio/Video Post-Production support for all instructional activities (routine lectures, visiting lecturers, seminars, etc) as well as support for the streaming of this and related instructional content. Video Capture services are available only within specific locations that support the capability (described below).  Some of these services are fee-based.  Excluded from this SLS are video/audio capture activities that are fully automated (such as LecRec) - these are described as Capabilities in the Classroom Presentation Technology Service Level Statement  and are addressed there. Incidental Audio/Video Post-Production activities are provided as part of the audio/video capture process. Additional Post-Production activities will be evaluated on a per request basis.

Service Support

Video Capture requests are scheduled by the UBIT Help Center based on availability of staff and room capabilities.  An inventory of which centrally scheduled classrooms have Video Capture Capability is maintained on the Look Up Technology in Your Classroom page.


For instructional activities that are not linked to a credit-bearing course with registration number, there are fees for Instructional Video Capture/Post-Production activities.  These fees are described on the Cost of Services page.

Service Response Targets for Instructional Video Capture Support

All of the listed service goals are defined within the Hours of Support.  In other words, if an issue is reported outside of hours of support, the clock would not start until start of business the following business day.  As targets, these are not guarantees on response time, but goals that help define the needed support resources.

Hours of Availability:

Hours of Support:

  • North, South Campus: 7:30am-10pm ET M-F
  • Downtown Campus: not currently available

Video Capture Request:

Audio/Video Post-Production:

Requesting Services/Support

Requests for services or support should be logged with the UBIT Help Center.

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