Check if UBmail is being blocked

Is your email not being received? Email service providers such as Yahoo, AOL and Google, sometimes block email delivery from organizations, including UB, believed to be sending spam. Use the live updates below to see if UBmail is currently being blocked.

UB outbound mail status

Below are technical details about email sent from UB's primary outbound email relay. If you believe an email service provider is blacklisting UB, please let us know by contacting the UBIT Help Center.

  • Current outbound address: The address UB is currently using to send outgoing email. If UB is blacklisted, this will be changed to an alternate address. Some email providers block email receipt; others block based on the IP address the email is sent from, not the account.
  • Multilist block list check (mxtoolbox) and Cisco "Ironport" check: Shows any blocked addresses.
  • Major sites list: A list of sites people at UB frequently send to. 
  • Current major site backlog: Sites that are rejecting email. This count is updated every minute, and a small backlog is not uncommon.
  • Reputation count: A count of deferrals and rejection messages that use the word reputation or similar language. This count is updated every minute, and a small backlog is not uncommon.

Check UB outbound mail status

Common questions

How can I send my message to someone at a site listed on the major sites list?

You can wait until the listing is removed, usually a day or two. You can also submit a ticket to let us know about the issue and we can either request removal or switch addresses.

My email was rejected even though the destination site is not on the major sites list.

Submit a ticket for investigation.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.