How to Create a New Code Repository for WebApps

Most people choose to use the command line to manage their git repositories.  However, there are many different GUI clients available as well. If you do not have the ability to install software on your computer or do not want to learn how to use git, the Web portal may be used instead.

Operating System: Any

Applies To: Faculty or Staff using WebApps

Last Reviewed: October 2, 2019

We recommend using SmartGit, a cross-platform client that has been tested for the UB Web Apps environment, but you can review a list of commonly used git clients at:


  1. Log into
  2. Click the + next to My Repositories
  3. Enter a Repository Name
  4. Determine if your repository should be private (recommended)
  5. Enter a Description
  6. Decide if you will use a git client (recommended) or the Web portal:
    • We recommend that you skip this step and use a git client to manage your files
    • If, however, you plan to use the Web portal to manage your files (optional), then check the box to Initialize this repository with selected files and template

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