Clearing Your Repository if UBVCS Takes Long to Load

The most common cause for a repository loading slow in the Web interface is having a lot of commits (changes to files). Learn how to avoid this problem.

Operating System: Any

Applies To: Faculty or Staff using WebApps

Last Updated: September 1, 2022


  1. Clone your existing repository:
    1. Open SmartGit.
    2. Close the Welcome to SmartGit window (if it pops up).
    3. Select Clone from the Repository menu (upper left corner of the window).
    4. Enter the SSH URI for your repository in the Repository URL box and click Next.
    5. Select the Private Key File you downloaded in Step 2 of How to add code to UBVCS using SmartGit and click Login (if prompted).
    6. Click Next.
    7. Select a location to store a local copy of your repository and click Finish.
  2. Back up your files:
    1. Select Reveal in Explorer from the Tools menu.
    2. Copy the directory containing your files to another location.
  3. Delete your commit history:
    1. Open the directory you created using SmartGit.
    2. Delete the .git folder.
    3. Close the Explorer window and return to SmartGit.
  4. Re-initialize your repository:
    1. Select Add or Create... from the Repository menu.
    2. The directory containing your repository should already be selected.  Click OK.
    3. Click Initialize.
  5. Re-add UBVCS as the remote repository for your files:
    1. Open the Remote menu and select Add.
    2. Enter the SSH URI for the repository again and click Add.
  6. Re-Commit your files:
    1. Select all of your files (or just the files you want in the repository) from the pane on the right.
    2. Right click on one of the files.
    3. Select Commit.
    4. Enter a Commit Message (e.g. Cleared commit history).
    5. Check the box to amend last commit instead of creating a new one.
    6. Select Commit.
  7. Update the repository:
    1. Select Pull from the Remote menu.
    2. Click on Pull.
    3. Click Configure.
    4. Click Fetch Only.
    5. Select Push To from the Remote menu.
    6. Check the box to Force pushing and click Push.
  8. Your commit history should now only have one entry and your repository should load quickly again.


  1. {
  2.     "require": {
  3.         "<first_library_name>": "<version_requirements>",
  4.         "<second_library_name>": "<version_requirements>",
  5.         "<third_library_name>": "<version_requirements>"
  6.     }
  7. }

Example composer.json File

The following composer.json file will cause your pod to install any 2.x version of the phpseclib library:


    "require": {

        "phpseclib/phpseclib": "2.*"



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