Requesting or Adjusting an LDAP Group

Learn how to request an "LDAP group" be created or edited. LDAP groups are used to define sets of people who can view pages in the UB Content Management System via Authenticated Published Pages.


Operating System: Any

Applies To: UBCMS Managers / Site Owners

Last Reviewed: January 3, 2019


Completing the Form

  • Brief Summary: specify "LDAP group adjustment"
  • Requested on Behalf of Name: your name
  • Requested on Behalf of UBITName: your UBITName
  • Preferred Contact phone number: your office number
  • Service or Machine Name: specific Accounts
  • Description: state "create new LDAP group", or "change existing LDAP group"
    • clearly state the existing or preferred LDAP group name
    • clearly state adjustments; e.g.
      • ADD John Doe (jdoe)
      • REMOVE John Doe (jdoe)

Tips for LDAP Group Names

  • Frequently LDAP group names have a 2-3 character prefix, plus a hyphen, then a longer string of characters.
    • e.g. uw-provost or mgt-admin
  • Best practice is to limit length to 16 characters overall. (Shorter names are generally safer.)
  • We do not enforce character restrictions on group names.
  • Lower case is strongly advised but mixed case or caps are possible.
  • Special characters are allowed but should be limited to "-" and "_".
  • No group name should begin or end with a special character.

UBIT protects 2-3 character prefixes that also happen to be entity abbreviations. For example, the Office of University Communications has an entity abbreviation of ucc, so ucc- would be reserved for their use.  

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