Editing a Personal Website using an Editor from a Command-Line Interface

From a command-line interface in UBUnix you can use Emacs, Nano or vi and write HTML code.

Operating System: UNIX

Applies To: Students, faculty or staff  

Last Updated: January 13, 2017

Using an editor in UBUnix, you can write HTML code. No uploading or downloading files is needed, but you need to know how to code HTML.

  1. Follow the instructions for Connecting to UBUnix.
  2. At the command prompt, type one of the following, depending on which editor you want to use:
    • emacs public_html/index.html
    • vi public_html/index.html
    • nano public_html/index.html
  3. Press Return. This launches an editor on UBUnix and tells it to go to your public_html directory (where your personal website is stored) and open your home page (index.html).
  4. Create your HTML code, then save your file.

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