Getting Started with Your Personal Website

Your personal website space is created for you when your UBfs space is created. Your UBfs space is created when your account is created.

Activating Your Personal Website

UB students, faculty and staff are able to turn on/off their personal Website.

By default, your personal website is not visible to the public until you turn it on. 

Once activated, your Web site will be available at two Web addresses (replace UBITName with your UBITName):


Making or Editing Personal Website Content

You will see a placeholder page until you add your own content. There are three ways to create or update a web page in your personal file space at UB.  

Common Questions

Can I use server-side scripting languages like PHP, or connect to databases with my personal website?

No, server-side scripting languages cannot be run on personal websites at UB.

Can I use my personal website at UB for a personal business page?

No, UB resources may not be used for private commercial gain. For details, see the Computing and Network Use policy.

Why am I having trouble activating/deactivating my existing website?

You are likely over quota. Because the system needs to modify permissions on the file to either world readable or not readable, you need to have some free quota space to activate or deactivate your site.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.