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Find Answers about Your Personal Website

See common questions about personal websites.

Your personal website space is created for you when your UBfs space is created.
Your personal website is part of your Myfiles space in UBfs. Look up your Myfiles quota.
Your site will remain available on the Internet as long as you are eligible for the UB File Service (UBfs). For alumni, this is usually 6 months past your degree conferral date. For others, this is usually two weeks after you receive an account deactivation notice via email. Once you are no longer eligible for the UB File Service (UBfs), your website (and any files) will be deleted.
Backups are done very early every morning, so if your file existed at that point we probably have it. Please fill out the Request to Restore Deleted Files form.
No, server-side scripting languages cannot be run on personal websites at UB.
Once activated, your site will be available at two Web addresses:
When connecting to UBUnix with FileZilla from off campus, you must first run the VPN client AnyConnect.
No, UB resources may not be used for private commercial gain. For details, see the Computing and Network Use policy.

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