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Update your browsers to avoid issues with the content editor and other application components

Users with older versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge may have issues with the content editor, such as blank entries or messages stating that you must enter text even though you have already done so.

Keeping your browsers up-to-date is essential not only for UB Learns but for other web-based applications. Links to browser update information are below.

Content editor (toolbar used for editing text boxes)

If you are experiencing inconsistent behavior with the content editor, make sure that the language setting for your profile is System Default (English - UB Learns).

Learn about setting your profile language

Open Issues

RESOLVED - Feb. 8, 2021
Issue with Respondus LockDown Browser for Windows and assessments using essay and short answer questions

Windows users need to update Respondus LockDown Browser to the latest version (

When using an older version of Respondus LockDown Browser for Windows, a student may see an error message about unanswered questions when submitting an assessment that includes essay or short answer questions. However, the student's responses are saved as part of the student's assessment attempt.

The latest version of LockDown Browser for Windows ( fixes this issue. Students can apply the update from within LockDown Browser for Windows (click the “i" icon in the toolbar and then select Check for newer version) or download and run the full installation program.

Sept. 30, 2020
Intermittent Issue with Panopto Quiz Grade Not Passing Back to UB Learns.

There is an intermittent issue that can cause Panopto quiz grades to not pass back to UB Learns for some students. The vendor is working to mitigate this issue, and has offered two workarounds:

  • Option 1. If the student relaunches the video and clicks Finish on the quiz, the grades may post to UB Learns.
  • Option 2. Instructors can reach out to Panopto support.

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