See an overview of grading tasks from across all your courses.

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Overview of Grades

Screen shot of the Grades page in Ultra Base Navigation.

Clicking on an item opens Full Grade Center for that course.

  • The Grades page shows items that need grading and the number of submissions for each assessment.
  • A student sees a list of grades for recently graded items and an overall grade for each course.

Video Overview

Overview of the Grades page. Step-by-step instructions are also available on this webpage.

What is the number in the pill-shaped icon?

This number represents the average course grade based on all the items that have been submitted and graded so far. The number will automatically update as additional items are graded throughout the term.

The number is taken from the Total column in the course's Grade Center, but it can also be set to use the Weighted Total column.

You should use either the Total column or the Weighted Total column in Grade Center so that analytics from UB Learns are consistent across the university.

What does "1 missing" in red mean?

Red text means that the due date has passed, and one or more students did not submit anything for that item.

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