UBlearns Integrations

UBlearns has installed several vendor / 3rd party integrations to extend the use and functionality of Blackboard on UBlearns. 

Respondus Assessment Tools

Fully-automated proctoring for online exams

Prevent cheating during online exams

Easily create and manage online assessments

Blackboard Ally

Ally is a Blackboard tool that helps instructors enhance the usability and accessibility of their course materials in UBlearns. Ally automatically checks UBlearns course materials against WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards and provides an accessibility score for each file. For files that don’t align with accessibility guidelines, Ally offers step-by-step instructions on how to improve the accessibility of the document.
Ally also creates alternative, accessible file formats (Tagged PDF, HTML, ePub, Electronic braille and Audio) for students to download.

Panopto - Classroom Capture

The Panopto integration provides the tools required to add and manage Panopto video files from inside UBlearns course sites. Video files and classroom lecture recordings added to UBlearns course sites allow students to watch on any laptop or mobile device.

Digication - UBPortfolio

ePortfolios allow students to easily share their work and ideas with instructors and peers. Digication was selected as the platform for UBPortfolios. Instructors can integrate Digication tools with their UBlearns course sites.

Add Digication to UBlearns course

First make Digication tool available

  1. Go to the "Course Management" menu to the left below the main course options.
  2. Click on "Customization" for a drop-down list.
  3. Select "Tool Availability" and look for "Digication" and make sure it's checked off where needed.
  4. Click the "Submit" button to save your changes.
Adding Digication as a Tool Link *RECOMMENDED*
  1. From anywhere within the course, click on the "+" button at the top of the course sidebar
  2. Select "Tool Link" the dropdown
  3. Name the tool link (either Digication or whatever preferred term your students will recognize)
  4. For "Type," click on the dropdown and select "Digication" from the list
  5. Make sure "Available to Users" is selected and click on the "Submit" button

Remark Grade Import Tool

The Remark grade import tool allows bubble-sheet style exam scores, machine graded by the Center for Educational Innovation scoring services unit, to be directly imported into a UBlearns grade center.

Turning Technologies - UBclicks

The integration with UBlearns allows users to leverage response devices in class to easily collect student achievement data. Instructors can import from Blackboard a participant list of students into TurningPoint and then export assessment data into Blackboard on UBlearns.

Pearson's MyLab & Mastering

This integration provides single sign-on between UBlearns and Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering platforms. Instructors can use this integration to provide direct links to MyLab & Mastering for their students and can transfer student grades into the Blackboard Learn Grade Center.


Piazza is an online platform that facilitates interaction among students and instructors in an efficient and intuitive manner. On Piazza, students can ask questions, and instructors and fellow classmates can answer. You can allow your students to participate anonymously, to encourage participation from even the shyest students

Add Piazza link to your course

  1. Enable the Piazza tool via Customization > Tool Availability
    Add check mark in Piazza row and select submit.
  2. Go to Tools and select Piazza link to create new Piazza course and account if needed.
  3. Optional: Add Piazza link to course menu for easy student access


Cisco Webex is a Web conferencing tool available to UB faculty, staff and students that enables fully interactive video and audio connections with people locally and around the world.

Add WebEx link to your course