Setting Guest Access

Permit those with UBIT accounts to view course content.

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Guests are defined as users in a course who do not directly participate in its activities. Guests may only preview unsecured content areas of a course site that has guest access enabled by the instructor. By default, all course sites are created with guest access disabled.

There is a three-step process that needs to be completed in order to allow guest access. 

Allowing Guest Access

1. Allow guest access to your course.

  1. Select Control Panel > Customization > Guest and Observer Access.
  2. Click Yes next to Allow Guests.
  3. Click Submit.

2. Add a guest to your course.

  1. Select Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users.
  2. Click Find Users to Enroll.
  3. Enter the guest's UBITName in the Username field.
  4. Select Guest from the Role drop-down box.
  5. Click Submit.

3. Permit guests access to specific course content.

  1. From the Course Menu, click the chevron (v-shaped icon) next to the content area that you would like to grant guest access.
  2. Choose Permit Guests.

Only people with active UBITNames have access to UB Learns. You can request access for persons not affiliated with UB.

Need additional help?

Use our contact form to submit a help ticket (you may be asked for your UBITName and password). After the form is submitted, a member of the UB Learns support team will follow up with you within one business day.