Student Access to Past Semester Courses

Permit students with an incomplete to access a past-semester course.

UB Learns Class Setup Tool allows for management of previous semester UB Learns course sites that still appear under your Courses tab. You can grant access to a student who needs access to last semester’s course site to finish up an incomplete.

Access to Past Semester Course Sites

Use the Update Enrollment link on the Past Semester Course List when you allow a single student access to a UB Learns course site to resolve a grade of “I,” or incomplete. It may also be used to give an entire class list access to a past semester course site.

Only students selected on this screen by the instructor will have access to the course site; all other students will remain unable to access the course.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to remove students from the list upon completion of course requirements.

Activating Students

Any student marked with a check has access to this course. All of the active students' grades, postings, files and interactions within this course become available. Instructors may activate an individual student's record or multiple student records.

To activate students:

  1. Check all students you want to have access to this course.
  2. Click Apply Changes.

Disabling Student Access

By default, at the end of each semester student enrollments to course sites are set to disabled.

To manually disable student access:

  1. Uncheck the students who should no longer have access to this course.
  2. Click Apply Changes.

Updates made through the UB Learns Class Setup Tool will take effect by 8 a.m. the following morning.

Need additional help?

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