UB Learns Data Management

Courses will remain available to instructors on the UB Learns system for a maximum period of 12 months after the semester ends.

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Scheduled Removal Dates

This Scheduled Removal Date for each UB Learns course is displayed in the UB Learns Class Setup Tool.

Semester Removal Date
Winter courses 2021 Feb. 15, 2022
Spring courses 2021 June 15, 2022
Summer courses 2021 Sept. 15, 2022
Fall courses 2021 Jan. 15, 2023

Course Data Removal

The automatic removal period will be scheduled and announced to UB Learns instructors in advance. Additionally, scheduled removal dates for each course are listed on the UB Learns Class Setup Tool.

The removal of UB Learns course sites reflects UB’s 12-month Undergraduate Academic Policy regarding Incomplete Grades (you will need to scroll down to the Incomplete Grades section on the Policies & Procedures webpage).

Courses for departmental or administrative use will be reviewed on an annual basis or removed at the owners’ request.

Instructors who require access to course content scheduled for removal should refer to Export/Archive Course and Import Package/View Logs.

Create an Archive of Your Course

To save course content before its scheduled removal date, use the Export/Archive Course utility found in Packages and Utilities of the Control Panel.

Need additional help?

Use our contact form to submit a help ticket (you may be asked for your UBITName and password). After the form is submitted, a member of the UB Learns support team will follow up with you within one business day.