Enabling a Course on UBlearns

You must enable a course before it is visible to your students.

Enabling Your UBlearns Course

To set up a course you are teaching for use in UBlearns, log into UBlearns and select the Class Setup tab. If you don’t see the Class Setup tab, please click the following link UBlearns Class Setup.

From the UBlearns Class Setup Main Menu, take the following steps:

  1. Under Class Setup Listings by Term select the appropriate semester.
  2. Select the Edit Class link next to the course you would like to enable.
  3. Select Enable for UBlearns Status.
  4. Click Save.

UBlearns Class Setup tool changes are posted in UBlearns every three hours.

If Your Course Is Not Listed

If your course is not listed, or the information is not accurate, work directly with the course scheduler in your department to resolve this matter. Once this information is corrected in the course schedule, UBlearns Class Setup will automatically receive the updated information and display it within 48 hours.

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