Allow individuals or groups to share with the class.

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About Blogs

Blogs provide a way to share the knowledge and materials collected and created by a group or an individual with the rest of the course.

There are two ways to create a blog:

  • From a content area select Blogs from the Tools drop down list
    Use the control panel method described below.

There are three different types of Blogs:

  • Course Blogs: All enrolled users are able to post Blog entries and comments.
  • Individual Blogs: Only the owner of the Blog is able to post entries. All other enrolled users are able to view and comment.
  • Group Blogs: If the instructor enables the Blog tool for the Group, all Group members can post Blog entries and make comments. Any course member can view Group Blogs, but can only add comments.

Creating Blogs

  1. From the Control Panel select Course Tools > Blogs.
  2. Click Create Blog.
  3. Complete page options.
  4. Click Submit.

We suggest the default indexing option of Monthly to maximize student access to previous posts.

Blog posts will not be available to students after the selected indexing period.

Creating Blog Posts

Instructors and users can create Blog posts which provide structure for discussions on class topics. Instructors and users can enter comments on Blog posts if comments are allowed.

  1. Click Blogs on the Course Tools menu.
  2. Click the appropriate Blog.
  3. Click Create Blog Entry.
  4. Complete page options.
  5. Click Post Entry or Save Entry as Draft.

Commenting on a Blog Post

 Instructors and users can enter comments on Blog posts if comments are allowed.

  1. Open a Blog.
  2. Click Comment for the appropriate post.
  3. Type a comment in the Comment field.
  4. Click Add.

Editing and Managing Blogs

Instructors can edit basic properties of the Blog, including the name, instructions, availability, participation, and user permissions. Instructors can also delete their own blogs.

  1. Click Blogs from the Course Tools menu.
  2. Select Edit from the dropdown menu for the blog.
  3. Make changes.
  4. Click Submit.

To view student blog entries, click on the down pointing arrow underneath your name on the right hand-side of the blog screen.

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