Adaptive Release

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Control the release of content to users based on rules set by the instructor.

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About Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release of Content provides controls to release content to users based on a set of rules provided by the Instructor. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual users and user groups (such as Course Groups), scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, or review status of another item in the Course.

The following options are available:

  • Adaptive Release
    Create basic rules for an item. Only one rule per item may be created, but the rule may have multiple criteria, all of which must be met.
  • Adaptive Release Advanced
    Add multiple rules to a single content item. Users must meet the criteria of a single rule to gain access.
  • User Progress
    View the details on an item for all users in a course. This page includes information on whether the item is visible to the user and whether the user has marked the item as reviewed (Note: you must set the Review Status to Enabled to see if a student has reviewed item or not).

Adding a Basic Adaptive Release Rule

  1. Open a Content Area from the Control Panel.
  2. Edit Mode is ON.
  3. Select Adaptive Release from the dropdown menu for the item.
  4. Complete one or more sections of the Adaptive Release page.
  5. Click Submit.

Adding an Advanced Adaptive Release Rule

  1. Open a Content Area from the Control Panel.
  2. Edit Mode is ON.
  3. Click Adaptive Release: Advanced on the dropdown menu for the item.
  4. Click Create Rule. The Add Rule page appears.
  5. Type a name for the rule and click Submit.
  6. Click Create Criteria and select Date, Grade or Membership and fill in the criteria. Click Submit when the rule is complete.
  7. Click Review Status to add this type of criteria the Advanced Adaptive Release Rule. Select the content item for Review.
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to add multiple criteria to an item.

Instructors may find it beneficial to copy an Adaptive Release rule, rather than creating a new one from scratch.

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