Learning Modules

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Make a structured path for progressing through content items.

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About Learning Modules

A Learning Module is a set of content items with a structured path for progressing through the items. The path is set so that students must view content sequentially or set to permit students to view the content in any order. All types of content may be included in a Learning Module.

Creating a Learning Module

  1. Select a Content Area.
  2. Point to Build Content > Learning Module.
  3. Complete screen options.
  4. Click Submit.

Adding Content to a Learning Module

  1. Open the Content Area that contains the Learning Module.
  2. Click the name of the Learning Module to open it.
  3. Select content type to add from dropdown menus.
  4. Complete screen options.
  5. Click Submit.

Select Enforce Sequential Viewing so that students must view content in the order that it is presented before they can move on to the next content area.

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