Self and Peer Assessment

Students evaluate peers and themselves using instructor criteria. Anonymous evaluations are an option.

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About Self and Peer Assessment

The Self and Peer Assessment tool is designed to facilitate the objective, analytical, and learning comprehension skills of students. The Self and Peer Assessment tool allows students to evaluate themselves and their peers using Evaluation Criteria created by their instructor. The Evaluation Criteria are composed of questions and guidelines which provide the means to evaluate responses to questions.

Instructors have the option of using Anonymous evaluations. These Assessments, along with their questions and criteria, can be exported and then imported for later use.

Creating Self and Peer Assessments

  1. Select any content area.
  2. Under Assessments select Self and Peer Assessment.
  3. Complete page options.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Additional pages for submission and criteria settings will follow.

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