Panopto Video Quiz

With the Panopto Quiz tool you can create a video quiz and have the grades uploaded to your UB Learns course automatically

Preparing Your Course for a Video Quiz

Three steps must be performed first before you can add a Panopto Quiz to your UB Learns course

  • Make the Panopto Quiz tool available
    1. Go to the Control Panel ink in the left-hand navigation pane.
    2. Click Customizations.
    3. Click Tool Availability.
    4. Find Panopto Quiz and click the checkbox found in that row.
    5. Click Submit.
  • Provision your course to use Panopto
    1. Navigate to course, select Tools link in the left-hand navigation pane.
    2. Click the Panopto Content link.
    3. Click Configure.
    4. To provision the course, click Add Course to Panopto.
      • You will see a message saying, "Successfully provisioned course..."
    5. Click OK.
    6. Select Submit to the Configure Panopto Course page (keep the default configuration).

IMPORTANT: By default, a provisioned course allows registered students to view all of your videos with the Panopto Content link. Select Hide Link next to the Panopto Content link to hide this link from your students.

Creating a Panopto Quiz in UB Learns

  1. Go to any content area (e.g., Course Documents, Assignments, etc.).
  2. From the Tools menu click Panopto Quiz.
  3. Enter a Name for the quiz.
  4. Under the Grading section select Yes for Enable Evaluation.
  5. Enter the number of Points Possible.
  6. Select any other quiz option you would like.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click on the Name of the quiz. This will open a Panopto window within UB Learns where you can select a video quiz.
  9. Once you select your quiz, click Insert. This will actually open up the quiz. To get back to your course, click on your course name or the content area (e.g., Course Documents, Assignments, etc.) located in upper-left hand corner of the screen.

When a student takes the quiz the grade will automatically be imported into the Grade Center

A student must watch the entire video for their grade to upload successfully

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