Interactive Rubrics

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Organize and display evaluation criteria.

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About Interactive Rubrics

The rubric tool allows faculty to organize and display evaluation criteria. Rubrics are made up of rows that contain criteria, and columns that correspond to the level of achievement expressed for each criterion. Descriptions and point values for each cell in the rubric help define evaluations and scores.

Creating a Rubric

  1. Under Control Panel select Course Tools > Rubrics.
  2. Click Create Rubric
  3. Name the rubric and enter a Description.
  4. Select Rubric Type.
    • No Points (feedback only).
    • Points (single point value for each Level of Achievement).
    • Point Range (range of values for each Level of Achievement).
    • Percent (flexible depending on each assessment's possible points).
    • Percentage Range (Range of values for each level of achievement)
  5. Complete rubric grid with Criteria and Levels of Achievement.
  6. Assign weights to categories.
  7. Click Submit.

The same rubric to be used across multiple items with different possible points.

Associating Rubrics

Rubrics can be associated with gradable content. (blogs, journals, wikis, discussion boards, assignments and short-answer, file-response, or essay questions in tests and pools). When adding an interactive tool, the option to associate a rubric will appear after selecting the Grade option.

Sharing a Rubric With Students

By default, rubrics are not shared with students. Instructors decide whether to share rubrics with students at the time the rubric is associated. Feedback can be typed for each criteria as well as the entire assessment.

To share rubrics between courses, use the rubric import and export features.

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