SafeAssign is now integrated into Blackboard Learn assignments. SafeAssign allows students to submit files to the instructor and checks submissions for originality.

Expected report turnaround times can be longer than usual during midterm and finals weeks.

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About SafeAssign

With the integration between SafeAssign and assignments in UB Learns, almost all of the regular assignment features are available with the SafeAssign service.

Results of a submission to SafeAssign are returned in an Originality Report, which shows text matches found in the SafeAssign databases with links to possible matches.

An Originality Report with a high percentage of matches does not prove that plagiarism occurred. This report along with other supporting information needs to be carefully reviewed.

SafeAssign does not check all possible sources and it is not a panacea. It is up to the instructor to make the final decision as to whether plagiarism has occurred.

SafeAssign vs. Assignment Tool

  SafeAssign Assignment Tool
Originality Report X  
Batch Download X X
Documents viewable without downloading X  
Formatting of instruction field   X
Attach extra instruction file   X
Attach file with feedback to student X X
Submission of multiple attempts   X
Optional announcement X  

Using SafeAssign With an Assignment

  1. Go to the content area where you would like to create your SafeAssign assignment.
  2. From the Assessments button select Assignment.
  3. In the Grading section expand Submission Details.
  4. Select Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign.
  5. Optionally, select one or both options:
    • Allow students to view the SafeAssign originality reports on their submissions.
    • Exclude all student submissions for this assignment from the institutional or global reference databases.
  6. Complete the Create Assignment page.
  7. Click Submit.

Instructors may individually submit documents through SafeAssign Direct Submit.

Viewing Submissions

  1. Under the Control Panel select Course Tools > SafeAssign.
  2. Click SafeAssign Items.
  3. Locate the specific SafeAssignment in the list, place your cursor over the name, click the down pointing icon and select View Submissions.
  4. Student Submissions will appear with the following columns for each submission:
    • User Attempt: Click on student to view the student’s submission and comments.
    • Average Match: indicates the amount of text that might match other sources, across all files that were uploaded.
    • Highest Match: If multiple files were submitted, this will display the percentage for the file with the highest match with other sources.
    • SA Report: Select this option to view the full Safe Assignment report.

It is important to read the full report to determine if the matching percentage is properly attributed.

Using SafeAssign in the Classroom

This statement, provided by the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, should be put into your syllabus if you choose to use SafeAssign:

All students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the university's academic integrity policies, available in the Undergraduate Catalog ( or the Graduate School Policies and Procedures Manual ( Plagiarism detection software may be used by individual instructors or the institution to aid in determining the originality of student work.

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