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UB iTunes U Content

Learn how to upload and manage your content on UB on iTunes U.

Editing a Course Page

If you have permission to edit a course page you will see the editing links in the Tools area in the top right corner of the course page. For detailed information about editing a Course page see the iTunes U Users Guide.

Uploading Content to UB iTunes U

  1. Click a Course Title.
  2. Click Upload And Manage Files.
  3. Select the tab where you want to upload.
  4. Click Add New File.
  5. Click Browse to select the file you want to upload.
    Note: To rename a file or artist after uploading, click the pencil icon.

For detailed information about uploading content, see the iTunes U Users Guide.

Managing Tabs and Access

When a course is enabled, two tabs are automatically created: 

  • Private Content can be viewed only by faculty and students registered for the course.
  • UB Content  is available to the UB community. Anyone who logs in with a UBIT account will be able to see and download the content in this tab.

The permissions set on each tab determine who can view and download content.
Faculty can make their own customized tabs. See the iTunes U User’s Guide for more information. Apple’s documentation refers to tabs as groups.

File Size Restrictions

Each individual file must not exceed 500 MB. To accommodate larger files separate them into different sections (eg. Part 1 of 3).

iTunes U Data Management Policy

  • iTunes U follows the UBlearns Data Management Policy (podcasts will remain available to instructors on the iTunes U system for a maximum period of 12 months after the semester ends).
  • It is not possible to create a copy of an iTunes U course. Therefore, content must be re-uploaded into a following semester's iTunes U course site to be able to tie into the new semester's student registration information.
  • As with all computer files, you should always keep personal back-ups of all content that is placed on iTunes U.

Downloading and Archiving Course Media

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the UB Access button.
  3. Log in using your UBIT username and password.
  4. The UB iTunes U page will open using the iTunes application.
  5. Click on your course title (album).
  6. Find the content that you want to download/Archive and click on one of the following buttons:
    • Get or Get Movie — downloads a single item to your computer.
    • Get Tracks — downloads all of the items in the active tab.
    • Subscribe — automatically downloads new content when it becomes available.

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