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Public iTunes U Content

Content that is uploaded to UB on iTunes U and made public is available to anyone visiting iTunes U.

UB on iTunes U Public Site Manager

The UB on iTunes U Public Site Manager is for uploading and editing Public content.

An Apple ID is required to contribute content to public sites.

iTunes Public Site Manager requires Safari version 4.0.3 or later for Mac or Windows.

Requesting Public Site Area

Publicly available content can be posted to iTunes U. Faculty, schools, colleges, departments and administrative units can request space on iTunes U. One or more people in the unit can have permission to upload content.

To request publicly accessible space on iTunes U, send a request to the UBlearns Support Team. An Apple ID is required to contribute content to public sites.

Feed Editor

iTunes U Public Site Manager creates and populates collection page information based on RSS feeds hosted on Apple’s servers. You edit the Apple-hosted RSS feed, including collection and item metadata, using the iTunes U Public Site Manager feed editor.


  • If a collection’s page status is To Be Hidden or Hidden, you must choose Unhide from the View Actions pop-up menu before you can edit the collection.
  • After saving edits in the feed editor, to immediately display updates in the collections manager page, you must click “Return to Collections Manager" in the feed editor menu bar.
  • Edits you make to a previously published feed are live to your users in the iTunes Store, without clicking Publish in the publish manager page.

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