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Find Answers about UB on iTunes U for Faculty

Find answers to frequently asked questions about UB on iTunes U.

What are the system requirements for my computer to access the content on iTunes U?

  • iTunes U requires iTunes version 6.0 or later for Mac and Windows. Apple recommends using iTunes version 7.0. In order to guarantee a consistent user experience, always use the latest version of iTunes. The latest version of iTunes can be found at Apple's iTunes website.
  • iTunes U works with most modern, standards-compliant browsers.It’s recommended that you use up to date Web browsers. UB supported software recommendations are available on the UB Software Download Site.

Internet Explorer on Windows may have performance limitations when uploading files.

Web Browsers

Why do I get inconsistent results when I use Firefox web browser with iTunes U?

  • Firefox needs to be properly configured to open URLs that are supposed to be handled by iTunes (prefix for these URLs is itms:// or itmss://).
  • Firefox has security checks which may prevent it from launching a helper application such as iTunes. The first time Firefox attempts to open one of these URLs, it will prompt the user with a panel asking if they are sure they want to use this helper application. If the user chooses not to use the helper application, then they will not have the ability to transition from Firefox into iTunes U or the iTunes Music Store. Secondarily, Firefox for the Mac does not render this panel correctly if the URL is too long and the user may not be able to enter iTunes U.
  • It is recommended that you allow iTunes to be a helper application for Firefox. If you need to reset Firefox, then follow these instructions:

    1. Enter "about:config" in the address bar, which will open the advance configuration options of Firefox.
    2. In the text field labeled "Filter" enter 'itms'
    3. Look for items with the Preference Name that start with 'network.protocol-handler'
    4. If the Preference Name is network.protocol-handler.external.itmss or network.protocol-handler.external.itms then the Value column needs to contain "true". Double-click on the word "false", to change it to "true".
    5. If the Preference Name is network.protocol-handler.warn-external.itmss or network.protocol-handler.warn-external.itms then the Value column needs to contain "false". Double-click on the word "true", to change it to "false".
    6. Enter this URL into Firefox's address bar: itmss:// This will likely bring up a dialog box in Firefox which basically asks if you are sure you want to use an application different from Firefox to open this URL. Check the "Remember...." box and then click "OK".

When I launch iTunes U using Internet Explorer, I get a pop-up window warning me that the page is nonsecure. What should I do?

When Internet Explorer asks "Do you want to display the nonsecure items?", click the "Yes" button. The iTunes Music Store will then load normally.

iTunes Application and the iTunes Store

When launching iTunes U on Windows, I get this popup error message: "iTunes could not connect to the Music Store. The network connection was terminated unexpectedly. Make sure your network connection is active and try again." What should I do?

Ignore the error message by hitting the "OK" button on this box. The store will load properly in spite of this error message.

When launching iTunes U on Windows, I get this error message: "You are attempting to go to the iTunes Store, which is currently hidden. Would you like to show the iTunes Store?" What should I do?

Enable the iTunes Store by clicking on the Edit menu > Preferences > Parental Control tab, then make sure to uncheck the box that says "Disable iTunes Store" (Mac users, go to the iTunes menu > Preferences > Parental tab, then uncheck the "Disable iTunes Store" checkbox).

When launching iTunes U from an on-campus location, I got the following error message: "iTunes could not connect to the Music Store. The network connection was refused. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again." What should I do?

You have not yet authenticated past the campus firewall. Try opening a webpage in a web browser, and you should see a screen asking you to enter your UBIT username and password. Do so, follow the other steps listed, then try the iTunes U link again.

When launching iTunes U, I get a message telling me that pop-ups have been blocked or suppressed in my web browser. What should I do?

Turn off pop-up blocking in your web browser. See the following URL for instructions about how to disable pop-up blockers.

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