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About UB on iTunes U

iTunes U is a service provided by Apple for free storage and access to educational content.

What can I use iTunes U for?

  • iTunes U is a repository for university-related podcasts (downloadable digital files, usually audio or video). Podcasts can be subscribed to, allowing for automatic downloads of the latest content.
  • Faculty can use iTunes U to provide supplemental, course-related materials for students.
  • Students may be required by faculty to produce digital audio or digital video as an assignment for class that can then be uploaded to their iTunes U course.
  • Departments may choose to use iTunes U to create a university/department promotional piece to be posted in the public section of iTunes U.

What types of content can I upload?

You can upload audio podcasts, video podcasts and PDF files to UB on iTunes U. 

> Supported formats

Who sees the content I upload?

When uploading files to iTunes U, you decide if it will be made available to students registered in a class, to everyone with a UB login, or to the global community via the iTunes U Public Site Manager.

Do I need anything to use it?

You’ll need the iTunes application.  If you don’t have it you can download iTunes from Apple's website.

How do I access iTunes U?

Go to UB on iTunes U which will launch the iTunes application.

Do I need an iPod to use iTunes U?

No, you just need the iTunes application. iTunes U files will play on a computer, and iTunes U files that are in MP3 or MP4 format can be played on generic portable audio/video players.

Where is uploaded content kept?

Content you upload is kept on a server at Apple, Inc. UB staff administers the server space and associated website. Faculty members need to maintain their own backups of their iTunes U content.

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