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UB on iTunes U for Faculty

iTunes U is a repository of downloadable digital files, usually audio or video and university-related podcasts. Podcasts can be subscribed to, allowing for automatic downloads of the latest content.

Upcoming iTunes U Change!

Apple has notified us that our existing UB on iTunes U private site service will be discontinued as of September 1, 2015.


UB on iTunes U public sites will be unaffected by this service change.

What does this service change mean to UB?

Instructors will no longer have the option to create iTunes U sites that are private to their courses, known as Private Sites, via the UBlearns Class Setup tool. In addition, any content currently hosted within UB on iTunes U private sites will need to be downloaded and locally stored before September 1st. Content that is not downloaded before September 1st will be lost and unrecoverable.

Does this affect me?

This change will only affect users who have created an iTunes U private site class via UBlearns Class Setup tool or have requested Departmental site space. iTunes U public sites will be unaffected by this service change. We will also reach out all users associated with content scheduled to be deleted with additional details.

What is going to happen? What will this look like?

Apple is turning off the machines that host the UB on  iTunes U private site content on September 1st. All content hosted on these machines will be unavailable starting September 1st.

How do I access my private UB on iTunes U site?

Navigate to and select ‘UB Access’ button to reach your UB on iTunes U private site content.

Open a class link and click the “Get” button on the far right side of the screen to start downloading an item/track. Repeat this step until all content is downloaded to your local machine.

The content will download to the default iTunes Media folder on your machine. If you have problems or would like assistance with the process above, please contact UBlearns support at: 716-645-6188.

What is the impact for UB?

UB will continue to offer iTunes U public sites. Starting September 1st, 2015 UB will no longer offer or support iTunes U private sites.

Options for storage and delivery of Apple media content

iTunesU Course Manager is a web-based tool, unaffiliated with UB, that allows instructors to create and distribute courses on iTunes U.

Using the UBlearns Class Setup tool instructors can enable a UBlearns class site for a secure storage and download location of content available only to registered UB students.

The Helix streaming service can store and distribute video, audio and live webcasts via the university’s streaming server via a link you provide to anyone.

If you would like to setup a new iTunes U public site please see our Public iTunes U Content help page or if you have questions, please contact UBlearns support at: 716-645-6188.

iTunes U is a service provided by Apple for free storage and access to educational content.
Content uploaded to UB on iTunes U can be made available to the general public or restricted to the UB community.
Use the free iTunes application to download audio and video podcasts from iTunes U.
Content for iTunes U can be created using a variety of recording options such as camcorders, webcams, sound recording devices and professional recording services.
Learn how to upload and manage your content on UB on iTunes U.
Content that is uploaded to UB on iTunes U and made public is available to anyone visiting iTunes U.
Learn about creating "album artwork" for your podcasts that reflects UB's branding.
Metadata is information that describes a podcast's content and author.
Everyone who uses iTunes U needs to understand copyright regulations and how they apply to uploaded content.
Find answers to frequently asked questions about UB on iTunes U.
Ask a question or report a problem you may be having when using UB on iTunes U.

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