Response Devices

Turning Technologies provide two response device options to participate and respond to polling questions, a keypad or web-enable smart device.

Instructors determine and notify students the response device option(s) that best suites the class.  Clickers and Mobile can work independently or together in a single session.


Clickers are hardware devices that allow students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to questions via a keypad. Students must purchase and register a new or used Turning Technologies QT or NXT device.  The UB bookstore sells new QT devices or students can purchase/borrow from classmates or internet vendors.


TunringPoint Mobile turns a student's web-enabled device into a virtual clicker.  Students are able to respond to polling questions using a Wi-Fi or data connection. Student purchase a Mobile license from Turning Technologies and download a device specific app or web browser URL.

The UB wireless network may be insufficient to support all student Mobile connection attempts. UB recommends that students use clickers (ResponseCard models QT or NXT).

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