Edit Auto-Save and Undo in Panopto

Operating System: Windows and Mac

Applies To: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: November 27, 2017



1.        The Panopto editor will automatically save any changes you make to the session, displaying a notice in the top bar.

2.        You can also undo any changes you make by selecting the Undo button.

3.        If a session has unpublished changes made by another person and you try to edit the session, you will receive the following warning.

           This session has pending edits from Panopto Support which were saved at (specific time)

4.        You can choose to take over the edits already made by the other person, or discard those edits and start fresh.   

5.        To ensure all edits are made visible to viewers, choose Publish when you are done.

As with any edits, the file is not immediately available for viewing during processing.

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