Improve the Quality of Streaming or Downloading

The quality of your experience will be affected by the speed of your connection to the Internet, whether at home or on campus. There are some tips which may help.

If you are experiencing severe video stops and starts (buffering), choppiness when streaming a course, or experiencing long download times, read on.

Tips to Improve Quality

Update Your Version of Adobe Flash Player

Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, if you are watching through a Web browser.

Close Other Applications or Programs

  • It may help to close any other Internet activity such as downloads or open Web pages.
  • Close any messaging or other programs that may be reducing your Internet speed. 
  • Close any running programs as any interruption to your computer’s processing cycles may cause streaming or download problems.

Disable Hardware Acceleration for Adobe Flash Player

Many laptops and netbooks have video cards that are not able to take advantage of Adobe Flash Player’s hardware acceleration. 

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration

While playing a recording:

  1. Right click a blank spot in the player window. A white box will pop-up, choose Settings.

    2.  On the Display tab, Enable hardware acceleration is selected by default.

De-select enable hardware acceleration

    3.  De-select that option and click Close.

Stream or Download Over a Wired Connection

A wired connection will generally provide better streaming video performance and faster download speeds than a Wi-Fi connection.  Wired network connections in on-campus departmental and public computing sites or residence hall rooms offer the best network connectivity available to students.

Live Streaming is not available on mobile devices. 

Download Videos in a Public Computing Site

If you download a video while on campus you can take that file with you and view it without being connected to the network.  This is convenient if you have trouble viewing the video with your Internet connection or if you want to take videos to review while you’re away from home.

Streaming or Downloading Over a Home Broadband or Wi-Fi Connection

Home broadband Internet services and Wi-Fi connectivity use shared network connections.  The performance of your network connection at home is dependent on the use that others in your home or in your neighborhood that use these shared services where connectivity may vary greatly at different times.

If you are having issues streaming or downloading over campus Wi-Fi, move to another campus location where there are fewer people using Wi-Fi.

Live Streaming is not available on mobile devices. 

Check Your Internet Speed

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) which consistently provides less than 1 Mbps of bandwidth is not sufficient for streaming or downloading course recordings.

Test your Internet connection  

Contact the UBIT Help Center

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