Review grades earned.

Instructors have the option to disable the Grade Center within their UB Learns course sites, or they may choose not to use the Grade Center features.

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Viewing Your Grades

  1. Log in to a course.
  2. Select Tools from course menu.
  3. Select My Grades.
  4. Click a section:
    • All: displays Graded, Submitted and Upcoming.
    • Graded: shows all the graded items/assignments/assessments which calculate into the current grade for the course.
    • Submitted: shows what items still need to be graded by the professor.
    • Upcoming: shows all or some of the items/assignments/assessments inside the course (everything that has no submission and has not been graded).

Viewing details

When an item has been graded you can click on the item name to get to the details.

Viewing feedback

If the instructor left feedback, you will see a clickable icon next to the Grade in the Grade column.

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