SafeAssign is Blackboard's plagiarism prevention tool. When a student submits work through SafeAssign, it is checked against several databases of source material.

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Supported File Types

The following types of files can be submitted to SafeAssign:

  • .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word).
  • .ppt or .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • .odt ( Writer).
  • .pdf (Adobe PDF).
  • .rtf (Rich text format).
  • .txt (Plain text).
  • .htm or .html (Web page).

Submitting a SafeAssignment

  1. Click on the name of the SafeAssignment.
  2. Click Browse My Computer to attach your assignment or Write Submission to create a text submission.
    Note: Do not use special characters (#, &, ?, =, etc.) in your filename. Do not copy and paste your assignment into the Comments box.
  3. If you check the box next to I agree to submit my paper to the Global Reference Database, you are volunteering to submit your paper to this database. After your paper is submitted, it will be included in future plagiarism checks for every institution using SafeAssign. This deters use of your ideas by others without your permission. If you do not check the box, your paper will still be included in the institutional (University at Buffalo) database.
  4. Click Submit.

Interpreting the Results

SafeAssign does not know the difference between plagiarized and properly cited material. Even if you use references, footnotes or a bibliography, SafeAssign may still flag quotations, resulting in a higher Matching percentage. It is up to your instructor to read your SafeAssign Report carefully and determine whether or not you plagiarized. Your instructor may also choose to reprocess your assignment, excluding sources that match your properly referenced materials.

You will be able to view the percentage of potential plagiarism, if the instructor authorizes it. If access is granted, you would need to re-open the SafeAssignment to view this information.

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