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Getting Started with UB on iTunes U

Content uploaded to UB on iTunes U can be made available to the general public or restricted to the UB community.

Access iTunes U

UB on iTunes U is located at There are two buttons, UB Content and Public Content. Find course materials through the UB Content button, which requires a UBIT username login. Publicly-available content does not require a login.

Download and Subscribe to iTunes U Content

See the document about downloading and subscribing to files from your course iTunes U site.

Who can upload content to iTunes U?

  • Faculty who enable iTunes U using the UBlearns Class Setup can upload content to their iTunes U course. 
  • Teaching Assistants can upload content to an iTunes U course after the instructor of record uses the UBlearns Class Setup to add them to a course as an editor.
  • Students can upload content to iTunes U if a faculty members chooses to allow students to upload content. Faculty are responsible to understand copyright regulations and how it applies to content uploaded by their students.
  • Publicly available content can be uploaded by any assigned contributor.

Can students see course content in courses they are not registered in?

Only the students who are registered in a course can see the content in the private tab of an iTunes U course. They can download it to their computer, iPod, or MP3 player. If a faculty member chooses to make some content available to people outside of the registered course he or she can place that content in the UB Content tab. Content in the UB Content tab can be seen and downloaded by anyone with a UBIT account. Content in an iTunes U Public site collection can be seen and downloaded by anyone who visits the UB iTunes U site.

iTunes U Symbols and Icons

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