Windows 11 Upgrade for Personally Owned Computers (Faculty / Staff)

Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 

Note: Faculty and staff are limited to one purchase of this software. You will receive an email from Kivuto OnTheHub after download is completed.

Standards and Versions

Only upgrades are available, not full installations of Windows operating systems.

Qualifying operating systems under the UB agreement:

  • Apple Macintosh (for use with Boot Camp, Parallels, VMWare, etc.)
  • Windows 10

Building a New Computer

If you build a new computer and it is not loaded with an operating system, you must instead buy a full version of Windows.

Use of this product for system building is prohibited by Microsoft and UB. The Windows Upgrade product is required to be registered and activated to ensure it is legally obtained and installed.


Windows 11 Education Upgrade purchase is available to:

  • UB faculty who are paid by UB
  • UB Faculty Student Association employees
  • UB state employees (UUP, CSEA, MC, PEF)


  1. Faculty/Staff can purchase Windows 11 Education (Multilanguage) from Kivuto OnTheHub
    • If you are a student, your download will be free
  2. Once you complete checkout, you will be shown your Product Key for Windows 11 Education
  3. Get your software update:
    • Some Windows 10 customers can go to Start > Settings > Windows Updates and scan for updates to download the complete upgrade for Windows 11. If you see this option, download and install Windows 11 from Windows Updates, reboot when prompted, and proceed to step 8, below
    • If you do not see Windows 11 available in Windows Updates, log in to Kivuto OnTheHub and click the Download button for Windows 11 under "Your Account". On the PDF instructions that open, click Microsoft's Windows 11 Software Download Site to access the installer
  4. Confirm your PC meets the requirements listed under Before you Begin
  5. Select the Windows 11 Installation Assistant > Download Now.
  6. Run the Installation Assistant from the PC you want to upgrade
  7. The Installation Assistant should confirm that your PC meets the minimum requirements to install Windows 11. If it meets the requirements, click Accept and install to begin the download of files you'll need to install Windows 11
  8. Reboot when prompted
  9. Once Windows 11 is installed, ensure you have activated Windows 11 for Education. Go to Start > Settings > System > Activation, then select Change Product Key
  10. Enter the Product Key you acquired from Kivuto OnTheHub
  11. When finished, save your Product Key in a safe location, as Kivuto OnTheHub only keeps it in their portal for 30 days

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