Unsupported Legacy Versions of AnyConnect for Macintosh

Unsupported Legacy versions of AnyConnect VPN client work with older versions of Macintosh operating systems that do not work with the current version of AnyConnect.

Requirements for Use

For UB VPN, you must be located off campus and first establish a connection to the Internet through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Spectrum  or Verizon.


AnyConnect can be downloaded by faculty, staff and students who have paid the Comprehensive fee.

You can run AnyConnect from a foreign country, but only if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not running a proxy server.

Download Legacy Versions of AnyConnect

Neither Cisco nor UBIT support these legacy versions. Instead, upgrade your operating system whenever possible (free from Apple) and then download and use the current, supported version of AnyConnect

Faculty and staff: contact your department's IT support staff to see if they can assist you.

Legacy versions do not contain fixes for security issues discovered after a newer version of AnyConnect is made available from Cisco.

Note: This software can be downloaded multiple times and does not limit the number of downloads.

AnyConnect 4.9.04043 for Mac

(Last updated 11/24/2020)

AnyConnect 4.8.00175 for Mac

(Last updated 10/8/2019)

AnyConnect 4.7.04056 for Mac

(Last updated 8/12/2019)

AnyConnect 4.6.03049 for Mac

(Last updated 9/24/2018)

AnyConnect 4.5.03040 for Mac

(Last updated 12/8/2017)

AnyConnect 4.3.02039 for Mac

(Last updated 9/19/2016)

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