UB Common Infections

Security events, also known as infections, which include botnets and viruses, can cause computers to behave strangely and track or steal information. The following common infections are often seen at UB.

Incident: TDSS Rootkit

Incident: Morto RDP

Incident: Alureon

Incident: "forms.cgi" information leakage

Incident: UB-ISO SPY forms.cgi SpyBot

  • Infection Tag: UB-ISO SPY forms.cgi SpyBot
  • Your system is infected with spyware. The software will watch for all form submissions and forward them to a remote website (including SSL submissions).
  • Your user credentials are compromised. You must change your UBIT password as part of the remediation process. If this is a shared machine, all of the users must change their password; this includes any password on any site you may have accessed (banking, Google, etc).
  • Further information is available at http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Threat/Encyclopedia/Entry.aspx?Name=TrojanSpy%3AWin32%2FUrsnif&ThreatID=-2147393445

Incident: UB-ISO TROJAN ZeroAccess

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