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Creating Speed Dials Using CallManager

Find out how to use Speed Dial or Abbeviated Dial on your VoIP phone.

Speed Dials

If you create a Speed Dial of someone already in the VoIP system, the person's name will be displayed instead of just the phone number when abbreviated number is dialed.

A ‘pause’ cannot be programmed in a Speed Dial. The only valid alphanumeric characters that can be programmed for Speed Dials are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, * and #.

Adding Speed Dials

  1. Log into CallManager.
  2. Enter your 7 digit telephone number as the username.
  3. Enter your password. 
  4. Select the desired line from the left-hand pane.
  5. Click the Phone Settings tab.
  6. Enter a number and a label, such as Home, for a speed dial number on your phone.
  7. Click Save.

Some phones only have abbreviated dialing options.

Dialing Speed Dials

  1. Without picking up the handset, press the abbreviated dialing number from the phone keypad for the desired number.
  2. Press the AbbrDial soft key.

Transferring Calls to Speed Dials

  1. Press the Transfer soft key.
  2. Press the desired speed dial.
  3. Press the Transfer soft key again.

Calls cannot be transferred to an abbreviated or speed dial.

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