Archive Voicemail using a Web Browser

Save important UB Voicemail messages for future use by using Web Inbox.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, Linux

Applies to: Faculty and Staff

Last Updated: July 16, 2019

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Voicemail Retention and Guidance

UB Voicemail messages expire after a period of time. After expiration, messages are expunged from the system and cannot be retrieved.

Voicemail messages of value, such as those considered records, should be archived using the appropriate electronic filing system. Trivial messages should be erased when they are no longer of use.

See the Record Retention and Disposition Policy for more information about record retention.

For more information on what recordings may constitute a record under university, SUNY or New York state regulation, contact your departmental administrative personnel.

Archiving Voicemail using UB Voicemail Web Inbox

The UB Voicemail Web Inbox is a feature of the UB Voicemail system, providing a quick, email-like overview of the contents of your UB Voicemail mailbox.

  • The UB Voicemail Web Inbox is available to faculty, staff, volunteers and others with an eligible UBITName.
  • The UB Voicemail Web Inbox is not available for departmental mailboxes or generic mailboxes such as for a lab or other general access area. If there is a business need to archive those voicemail messages, contact the UBIT Help Center to arrange for a voicemail consultation.

Instructions for Archiving Voicemail

  1. After accessing the Web Inbox, click on the message you want to archive. The area around this message will be highlighted, and additional options will be displayed below the message information.
  2. A hyperlink labeled message.wav will be displayed, providing a link to the recording of this voicemail message.
  3. Click on the message.wav text to download it using the browser's default action, or right-click to take further action such as Save As.

This recording is the same as is heard through the UB Voicemail system, but you may wish to re-name it to identify who it was from or when it was received.

Messages are .WAV PCM uLaw recordings.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.