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Cisco Jabber is a softphone, chat client and conference tool, available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and iOS, and Google Android. Jabber enables users to place, receive, and manage voice and/or video calls using an Internet-connected computer and a headset, or to open a text window to chat with colleagues who are also using Jabber.


Jabber is available by request to all faculty, staff, and volunteers who have a standard UBITName account.

Important Notices

Jabber not suitable for calls to 911

911 calls rely on location data to route the call and provide a rapid response. But Jabber isn’t designed to track and provide precise details about your location. For that reason, Jabber shouldn’t be used for emergency calls.

Use your desk phone or your mobile device for emergency calls

They provide more accurate location information in order to help enable a rapid response when dialing 911 in an emergency.

Whenever you log into Jabber, you will see a pop-up reminder not to use Jabber for 911 emergency calls. You will need to click OK to acknowledge this message before using Jabber.

Chat Logs

Jabber is not configured to retain chat logs centrally. If you choose not to disable chat log storage on their device, then the chat logs may be subject to E-discovery rules. Refer to the New York State General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule and the university’s  Record Retention and Disposition Policy for more information.

Sensitive Data

Users are required to follow applicable policies, procedures, and safeguards for transmitting or storing Category 1 Restricted Data, or Category 2 Private Data when using the Jabber chat function. This includes, but is not limited to: HIPAA-regulated data, protected health information, personally identifiable information (PII).

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